Translating Features into Benefit in eCommerce Copy-writing

Boris Kwemo

23 Sep 23
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ConvertMate is dedicated to helping Shopify brands achieve exponential growth by optimizing their product detail pages. With the use of advanced data analysis techniques and AI, we focus on refining product descriptions to a fine edge. As experts in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for eCommerce, we understand the vital role that well-crafted copy plays in driving sales and customer engagement.

In this blog post, we will delve into the art of "Translating Features into Benefits in eCommerce Copy-writing." Our aim is to provide you with insights into how smart, benefit-focused copy can significantly enhance the value proposition of your products, captivate your audience, and ultimately contribute to improved conversion rates. Strap in as we explore this crucial aspect of eCommerce optimization.

Understanding Product Features and Benefits

The Importance of Product Features

The importance of product features cannot be overstated in eCommerce. A product feature is a factual statement about a product or service that provides technical information. These features could include size, color, functionality, components, and the inner workings of the product. They serve as a basic description of what you're selling.

Understanding Product Features and Benefits
However, while product features are important, to truly engage your audience and increase conversions, it's essential to translate these features into benefits. The benefit is how the feature improves the buyer's life. It tells the customer why the feature is important and how it would offer a solution to their problem. When you translate features into benefits, you're telling a story and showing the customer why they need your product.

For instance, a feature might be that a laptop has an 8GB RAM. But the benefit of this feature could be that it allows for fast, efficient multitasking, so the user can accomplish more in less time. By turning a technical, often jargon-filled feature into a relatable benefit, you're making it easier for the customer to understand why they need the product. Hence, the importance of product features lies not only in stating them but also in effectively translating them into meaningful benefits that resonate with your potential buyers.

Role of Benefits in eCommerce Copywriting

Understanding the role of benefits in eCommerce copywriting is pivotal to increasing conversion rates for an ecommerce store. It's not just about listing product features, but about translating these features to real benefits that a consumer can appreciate. Benefits-centric copywriting helps potential customers visualize how a product or service will fit into or enhance their life. It's about creating an emotional connection, making them feel as if they can't live without your product.

In eCommerce, the value of a product is usually determined by its features. However, consumers often care more about how these features can meet their needs or solve their problems. That's where benefit-focused copywriting comes in. It's the art of conveying not just what a product is, but what it does for the customer. It should answer the customer's most pressing question: "What's in it for me?"

Translating features into benefits is a task that requires a thorough understanding of both your product and your target audience. It's not enough to say that a product is made of high-quality material; you have to explain why that matters. Does it offer longevity? Does it provide a superior user experience? By focusing on benefits, you can make your product more appealing and drive higher conversions. Understanding and implementing this strategy in your eCommerce copywriting will be a game-changer for your online store.

The Art of Translating Features into Benefits

Identifying Key Features

In the realm of eCommerce, a fundamental aspect that should never be overlooked is identifying the key features of your products or services. These are the distinctive attributes or characteristics that set your offerings apart from the competition. It could be the durability of the product, the cutting-edge technology used, the unique design, or any other remarkable quality that makes your product or service outstanding. The key features form the backbone of your product description and have the potential to make your product more appealing to your customers.

However, simply listing down the features is often not enough. The art of translating features into benefits takes skill, but is essential in eCommerce copywriting. This means articulating the features in a way that highlights their practical advantages or the value they can bring to the customer. Instead of just stating the feature, you should frame it in a way that shows how it solves a problem, enhances a user experience, or provides a solution. For instance, a feature like "dual noise-cancelling microphones" can be translated into a benefit like "clearer calls with less background noise".

Remember, your customers are not just buying a product; they are buying the experience, the solution, and the benefits that come with the product. Therefore, mastering the art of translating features into benefits can help enhance your eCommerce copywriting, increase your conversion rates, and ultimately boost your sales.

Crafting Benefit-Driven Descriptions

In the realm of eCommerce, understanding the distinction between a product's features and its benefits is crucial for creating compelling product descriptions that translate into sales. Many marketers and store owners mistakenly focus on listing the features of their products, believing that these technical specifications will convince potential customers to make a purchase. However, this approach often falls short because it doesn't connect with the customers on a personal level or answer the all-important question, "What's in it for me?"

The art of translating features into benefits is about going beyond the simple facts about your product and highlighting how your product can solve a problem or improve the customer's life. For example, instead of stating that a laptop has 8GB of RAM (a feature), you might say that it allows for seamless multitasking, enabling the user to smoothly run several applications at once without the system slowing down (a benefit). This way, you are directly addressing the potential needs and desires of your customers, and this could be the factor that convinces them to make a purchase.

Moreover, crafting benefit-driven descriptions makes your product more relatable and desirable. It helps you to establish an emotional connection with your customers, making them feel understood and valued. In the crowded eCommerce space, where customers have countless options at their fingertips, this could be the difference between a customer choosing your product or your competitor's. Therefore, mastering the technique of translating features into benefits is not just a writing skill, but a key strategy in increasing conversion rates in eCommerce.

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Practical Examples of Feature to Benefit Translation

Example 1 - Tech Gadget

Let's take a look at our Example 1 - a tech gadget, perhaps a new-age smartphone with the feature of "Quick Charge Technology". Now, instead of just stating this feature outright, let's translate it into a benefit for the customer. We could say, "Never miss out on anything important with our phone's Quick Charge Technology, recharge in record time and stay connected". Here, the feature is the Quick Charge Technology, but the benefit is the ability to recharge quickly, ensuring the customer stays connected at all times.

As an ecommerce store owner or marketer, it is crucial to understand that the customer is not just buying a gadget, they are buying an experience or solution to their problem. So, when you emphasize the benefits rather than just the features, you are directly addressing their needs and wants. For instance, with the smartphone, the customer's need could be to stay connected without worrying about frequent charging. So, when you mention the benefit of "staying connected always" with the Quick Charge feature, it resonates more with the customer, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

In conclusion, remember that people don't buy products, they buy better versions of themselves. So, in your eCommerce copy-writing, always focus on translating features into benefits that directly speak to the customer's desires, needs, or problems. This will set your product apart and increase conversions significantly.

Example 2 - Fashion Apparel

Let's take a look at our second example, Fashion Apparel. If you own a fashion eCommerce store, your product features might include the material used, the fit, the style, the color, and perhaps any unique design elements. But these are just features. They tell the consumer what the product is but not why they should buy it. Translating these features into benefits means explaining how these characteristics will add value to the consumer's life.

For instance, let's say you're selling a raincoat made from a high-tech waterproof material. The feature here is the 'high-tech waterproof material'. Now, to translate this into a benefit, you could say "Never let rain ruin your day again! This coat's high-tech material is not only waterproof but also lightweight, keeping you dry without weighing you down." Here, the benefit is clear — the consumer will remain dry in the rain, and the coat is not heavy to wear.

In another example, you might be selling a dress with a unique floral pattern. The feature is the 'unique floral pattern'. You could translate this into a benefit by saying, "Stand out from the crowd with our unique floral pattern dress. This exclusive design is guaranteed to turn heads and make you the talk of any event." In this case, the benefit is the improved social status and attention that wearing this dress could bring.

Improving Conversion Rate with Benefit-Focused Copy

Impact on Conversion Rate

In the realm of eCommerce, understanding the impact on conversion rate is crucial for any store owner or marketer. The key to increasing this rate is often found in effective copywriting - specifically, translating product features into tangible benefits. A product may be laden with impressive features, but without clear, benefit-focused copy to communicate their value, potential customers may struggle to see the product's worth to them personally.

Translating Features into Benefits essentially means shifting the focus from what the product does, to what it can do for the customer. It is about painting a picture of the potential benefits that can be derived from using the product. This can significantly enhance the customer's perception of the product and consequently, increase the chances of a purchase - thereby boosting the conversion rate.

For example, a smartphone may have a 12MP camera (feature). But stating that the camera allows the user to capture high-quality, sharp images even in low light conditions (benefit), makes it much more appealing. This subtle shift in perspective can have a profound impact on your conversion rate, turning casual browsers into committed buyers. Recognize the power of effective, benefit-focused copy and harness it to drive your eCommerce success.

Implementing in Your eCommerce Store

Knowing the features of your products is not enough to entice shoppers. It is the benefits that these features offer that actually persuade people to make a purchase. In the ecommerce world, this technique is known as "Translating Features into Benefits" in copywriting. It is an important aspect of ecommerce marketing that you should implement in your ecommerce store to help increase your conversion rate.

Benefit-focused copywriting is about writing descriptions of your products that highlight not just what the product can do (the features), but what it can do for the customer (the benefits). When customers see how your product can solve their problems or meet their needs, they are more likely to make a purchase. Hence, by translating features into benefits in your ecommerce copywriting, you are likely to improve your conversion rate.

Implementing this approach in your ecommerce store is all about understanding your customers. Know what makes them tick, what they need, and how your product can meet those needs. Once you've understood this, you can write copy that speaks directly to your customers, highlighting the benefits they will get from using your product. Remember, customers don't just buy products, they buy solutions to their problems. So, make sure your copy emphasizes the benefits, not just the features.

Using ConvertMate for Optimized Product Descriptions

How ConvertMate Can Help

When it comes to eCommerce copy-writing, one of the most effective ways to increase conversion rates is by translating product features into tangible benefits. But how do you effectively do this? This is where ConvertMate comes in. ConvertMate is a powerful tool designed to help you optimize your product descriptions to drive sales and increase customer engagement. It is crucial to note that simply listing the features of your product is not enough. Customers want to know how your product will benefit them, why they should buy it.

ConvertMate helps you achieve this by generating product descriptions that focus on benefits rather than just features. For instance, if you're selling a waterproof watch, rather than stating the feature "10 ATM water resistance", ConvertMate could help translate this to the benefit "Never worry about taking off your watch, whether you’re swimming, showering, or caught in a rainstorm". This makes your product more appealing to potential customers, as they can clearly see the value it brings to their lives.

Moreover, ConvertMate also ensures your product descriptions are engaging and persuasive, with a tone that aligns perfectly with your brand. It understands that while informative product descriptions are crucial, they also need to be compelling enough to convince customers to make a purchase. By enabling you to create optimized product descriptions, ConvertMate not only helps increase your conversion rates but also strengthens your overall eCommerce strategy.

Maximizing eCommerce Success with ConvertMate

In the highly competitive realm of eCommerce, it's imperative to maximize your conversion rate to drive revenue and growth. Integral to this is the art of translating features into benefits within your product descriptions - a critical skill that can be significantly enhanced with the use of ConvertMate. This intelligent tool not only optimizes your product descriptions but also fuels a more persuasive narrative that compels your audience to make a purchase.

ConvertMate is a revolutionary tool that breathes life into your product descriptions, making them more engaging, persuasive, and benefit-focused. It helps you to effectively highlight the benefits of your products, translating mere features into compelling reasons for a customer to make a purchase. By substituting dry, technical language with customer-focused benefits, ConvertMate allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper and more relatable level.

Moreover, ConvertMate significantly simplifies the process of creating impactful eCommerce copy. It enhances your efficiency and productivity, allowing you to focus more on your business strategy and less on painstakingly crafting product descriptions. Utilizing ConvertMate is indeed an insightful tactic to increase your conversion rate and eventually, maximize your eCommerce success.

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