The features that make us special

Boost organic traffic with in-depth keyword research

Discover SEO gold with our keyword analysis for each product. Keep ahead with ongoing tracking and smart keyword use in your product details.

Enhance Sales with Constant Product Description Upgrades

Supercharge your Shopify store with dynamic, data-driven product descriptions. Boost conversions and SEO with automated updates.

Grow Organic Traffic with ConvertMate SEO Audit

Gain a clear understanding of your SEO health to drive improvements. Deep-dive into your technical SEO and on-page SEO. Get actionable insights to improve your search ranking.Grow organic traffic.

Automatically Update Meta Titles and Descriptions

Boost your SEO effortlessly. Our feature automatically updates meta titles and descriptions for all products, saving you valuable time and effort.

Harness Data From Google To Grow Your Sales

Unlock the potential of your Shopify store with our Google Integration feature. Leverage data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics to optimize your SEO, enhance user experience, and make informed decisions on content and keyword strategies to maximize sales.

Boost Sales with Shortened Product Titles

Maximize product visibility and improve SEO. Let ConvertMate intelligently trim your product titles without losing their essence.

Optimize Product URL Handles and Manage Redirections

Boost your SEO performance effortlessly with well-structured product URLs. Automate URL handle management and redirections to enhance your store's visibility and user experience.

Optimize Collection Pages For SEO

Automatically enhance your collection pages for top search rankings. Improve descriptions, meta descriptions, meta titles and image Alt Text. Make sure your collections stand out in search engines.

Automatically Generate Alt Text for SEO Optimization

Boost your SEO performance with auto-generated alt text for product images. This simple, efficient feature fills in missing alt texts, enhancing your Shopify store's search engine visibility.

Design Your Own Customized Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions And  Product Descriptions

Effortlessly tailor your product and meta descriptions to match your brand's style. Enjoy the flexibility to define your content format, boosting SEO and enhancing customer experience.

Scale Up Your SEO with Programmatic SEO

Generate targeted blog posts with smart internal linking—perfect for every event on your marketing calendar. Make sure your products are always in front of your clients, around the year.

Fine-Tuning Your Content with AI-Learned Preferences

Optimize your content with ConvertMate's smart fine-tuning feature. Let our AI understand and adapt to your preferences to generate more tailored and relevant content for your Shopify store.

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