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How Diva Boutique grows organic traffic with ConvertMate

How Diva Boutique grows organic traffic with ConvertMate

Brand: Diva Boutique

Industry: Fashion
Company size: 11-50

Diva Boutique was founded by Vanesa Gonzalez as a joint family business with her mother in 2013.

It was started as a small local Miami boutique, but success was quick. Customers loved the fresh fashion Diva Boutique offered. They asked for an online store where they could shop the fashion forward styles.

Fast forward to today, and Diva Boutique has grown to over 1 million instagram followers worldwide, with a 15,000 square foot fulfilment center in the city of Doral, just outside of Miami.

Diva Boutique is a leader in Boutique Fashion, offering many styles which are exclusive to the brand as part of the Diva Collection. Their goal is to provide their customers with the best styles which will make their clients feel like true divas, all while offering the best possible experience 

Diva Boutique’s growth was fueled by happy customers and a very smart ad strategy. As the cost of ads is constantly rising, this strategy was putting their margins at risk. In 2024, they wanted to grow organic traffic to their store. With over 20,000 products they turned to ConvertMate for this task.

Important metrics for Diva Boutique


Instagram followers


products managed 


collections managed 

The main objective of Diva Boutique is to get more organic traffic to their store.

Before using ConvertMate

Diva Boutique’s staggering growth is in part due to Vanessa’s eye on the newest trends. As she states: “I make sure we always get the latest trends first. We are always one step ahead. I have become pretty good at predicting trends.” 

To stay ahead and offer the latest fashion to its clients, Diva Boutique is constantly releasing new styles. This means that they boast an impressive collection of more than 20,000 products and 1,300 collections. 

Having focused on Instagram and paid ads to funnel new customers in, the store had not been optimized for search engine discoverability. Diva Boutique were looking to improve their SEO to grow their organic customers and improve their margins. 

With 20,000 products, the task was too work intensive for the small marketing team. Doing audit, keyword research, content optimization and monitoring for each product was not feasible. 

They looked for an SEO tool to help them undertake the Shopify SEO optimization of their eCommerce store. This is where ConvertMate came in.


I was so impressed with the capabilities of the product and the opportunity it brings merchants with big inventory to improve SEO and organic traffic

Ophir, Marketing Manager at Diva Boutique

After using ConvertMate

Using ConverMate, Diva Boutique were able to automate a large part of the SEO work. 

In particular: 

  • SEO audit of their website, with keyword analysis, technical and on-page SEO
  • Keyword research for all products and collections
  • Product listing SEO optimization 
  • Collection SEO optimization
This task would have taken weeks for the team to do. With ConvertMate, this has done automatically in a few minutes.

Using ConvertMate, Diva Boutique can improve their store’s SEO while having their team stay focused on social network marketing and paid ads.


Partnering with ConvertMate, Ophir, Marketing Manager at Diva Boutique has been able to automate the SEO optimization of their product and collection pages. 

With an extensive online product catalogue of 20,000 products, this has significantly cut down time spent on manual and tedious tasks while improving organic traffic.

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