How Don't Panic Shoes doubled sales using ConvertMate

Brand: Don't Panic Shoes

Industry: Fashion
Company size: 1-10

Don't Panic Shoes is a Shopify store specializing in stylish and comfortable footwear and clothing for both men and women. They are dedicated to offering original, high-quality products at affordable prices, serving a vast clientele worldwide. 

Located in Queens, New York, this Shopify brand is a family-owned business committed to delivering exceptional customer service. Their pride lies in their extensive range of top-notch shoes and apparel from renowned brands. 

With a legacy spanning over 30 years, Don't Panic Shoeshas successfully transitioned from a traditional brick-and-mortar retailer to a thriving e-commerce platform. They boast an impressive inventory of over 7,000 product listings on their website. Their online venture has proven to be remarkably successful. 

They are constantly adding new shoes from leading brands on its webstore. Crafting new and managing existing product pages can take up long hours. This was precious time not invested in other business operations. They looked for a Shopify app that would help them manage this extensive product listing. This is where ConvertMate came in.

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The main objective of Don't Panic Shoes is to increase the conversion rate of their product pages.

Before using ConvertMate

Don't Panic Shoes relies on its extensive product listing as a competitive edge in the crowded e-commerce market. In order to keep this advantage, the team needs to constantly source new brands and new shoes to add to their website. 

For each new listing, a high quality compelling product page needs to be produced. Product pages are the digital salesperson of an online store. Web clients rely on them to get access to the right information. For each new listing, a high quality compelling product page needs to be produced.  Not only that, a good product page sells the vision of the brand to improve conversions. 

On top of this each page had to be created with SEO in mind. In order to improve search engine ranking, meta data, URL handles and keywords had to be optimized for each product. 

The manual work this entailed slowed down the expansion of the shoe brand's product listing. Worse, considerable time was spent on manual work instead of key business operations such as product sourcing and customer relations.

Using ConvertMate has freed me from the task of writing hundreds of product pages. I can focus on growing my product catalogue. They take care of crafting product descriptions, titles and SEO meta data. All this is done automatically. It’s a real time saver.

David, Director at Don't Panic Shoes

After using ConvertMate

ConvertMate is a modern solution for AI-driven product page management. Thanks to ConvertMate, Don't Panic Shoes erased the need for manual work, enabling them to broaden their product offerings while keeping the highest standards of quality on every product page. 

By installing the ConvertMate app, our customer benefited from the following features: 

  • Automatic product page creation on product import: Every month, this brand adds hundreds of products to its listings. ConvertMate automatically improves the product pages from a factory listing to a compelling and unique listing (descriptions, meta data, URL handles and titles). This demands no manual work from the team.
  • Insightful Tracking with ConvertMate Pixel: ConvertMate monitors conversion metrics on each product page, auto-enhancing them when performance dips. 
  • Enhanced SEO: Premium titles, descriptions, and URL handles, all fine-tuned to draw increased organic visitors.
Given that this Shopify storeis a family-owned business with limited time resources, every minute counts. ConvertMate acts as a dependable partner, optimizing product pages to maximize conversion rates.


For Don't Panic Shoes, ConvertMate represents more than just a tool; it's a sidekick focused on increasing conversions. By streamlining and enhancing their eCommerce product pages, ConvertMate empowers them to focus on crucial business tasks while significantly boosting sales. Since downloading the Shopify app, they has doubled their daily sales. 

This story is a testament to our mission at ConvertMate. Enabling small businesses to free themselves from the tedious task of crafting product pages while boosting their sales.

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