How Jokers Costume Mega Store optimizes 22,000 products with ConvertMate

How Jokers Costume Mega Store optimizes 22,000 products with ConvertMate

Brand: Jokers Costume Mega Store

Industry: Costume & Party Accessories
Company size: 11-50

Created in 1912 (yes, you read that correctly), Jokers Costume Mega Store is Australia's largest in-store costume store, with over 25,000 costumes and accessories available. 

They offer a wide range of costumes for men, women, and children, covering various decades, characters, holidays, and more. They aim to provide high-quality costumes to help customers make a statement at parties and events. 

Jokers Costume Mega Store also has an eCommerce website where they showcase their extensive costume listing.

Mark was looking for a solution to opimize their 22,000 products on the website. This is when he found ConvertMate.

Important metrics for Jokers Costume Mega Store


products managed


keywords tracked


collections managed

The main objective of Jokers Costume Mega Store is to reduce ad spend and increase organic traffic.

Before using ConvertMate

Jokers Costume Mega Store has spent years finding the best costume manufacturers and suppliers around the globe, bringing their collections to one centralized place for customers. 

This means that their warehouse is a treasure trove of wonderful costumes for shoppers. Each with its own story to tell. The challenge for Mark was: how to translate this to an online experience? 

With such an extensive collection of costumes, setting up the pages to show the uniqueness of each product was close to impossible. This meant that Mark had to describe their products in only a few words that could not show the magic behind the costume. 

Additionally, setting up the store for SEO was also a task too great for manual optimization: 

  • tracking keywords for each products
  • using these keywords in the copy 
  • monitoring for SEO performance 
Not having the resources to optimize products for SEO meant that Jokers Costume Mega Store had to over-invest in Google Ads. This was putting their online sales margin at risk. A tool adapted to Shopify SEO was needed.

ConvertMate is a no-brainer to optimize for SEO such an extensive product range

Mark, Owner of Jokers Costume Mega Store

After using ConvertMate

This is when Mark found ConvertMate. ConvertMate automatically sets up Jokers Costume Mega Store for SEO. 

  • With its SEO data set and integration to Google Search Console, ConverMate tracks the best performing keywords for each of the online store’s 22,000 products.
  • Once that is done, ConvertMate uses the best performing keywords to improve the on-page SEO of each product.
  • ConvertMate monitors SEO success and adapts the copy and keywords when needed.

Additionally, Mark was able to make their product descriptions more appealing to browsers.

And also make their meta titles and meta descriptions follow Google and Click-Through-Rate best practices.

After using ConvertMate, Jokers Costume Mega Store was able to optimize their store for SEO. A task that was not possible before due to the extensive catalogue of 22,000 costumes.


Partnering with ConvertMate, Mark, owner at Jokers Costume Mega Store has been able to automate the SEO optimization of his product and collection pages. 

With an extensive online product catalogue of 22,000 products, this has significantly cut down time spent on manual and tedious tasks while improving organic traffic.

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