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How Lozuri optimizes its products for SEO with ConvertMate

How Lozuri optimizes its products for SEO with ConvertMate

Brand: Lozuri

Industry: fashion
Company size: 11-50

Lozuri is a new kid on the block and already, they are making a lot of noise. Launched in 2023, Lozuri is an eCommerce store selling brand new designer items at discounted prices. 

Lozuri relies on an extensive network of buyers who have decades-long relationships with designers. They curate a selection of bags, shoes, clothing, and accessories. 

Less than a year in business, Lozuri boasts a rating of 4.8 based on 371 reviews. 

With new products to list every week, and sometimes several thousands per month, setting up every listing was not feasible for the team at Lozuri. 

They looked for a tool that would help them set up their extensive product listing for optimal SEO.

Important metrics for Lozuri


new products per month


products managed by ConvertMate


collections managed by ConvertMate

The main objective of Lozuri is to improve the SEO of their products and collections.

Before using ConvertMate

One of Lozuri’s main value propositions is the extensive product listing of fashion accessories it has on its website.

In order to do this, the team is constantly adding new products to the store. They did not have the time to set up the products for optimal SEO. 

In particular:

  • Doing the keyword research 
  • Crafting optimized descriptions, meta titles, meta descriptions and Alt text for images. 
The result was:
  • Product description format that differed between products. This was not acceptable for a luxury store.
  • Over investment in ads to compensate for lack of organic traffic to the store. 
Lozuri had tried different Shopify apps to help them manage their SEO and extensive product listing, but none had worked well. This is when they found ConvertMate.

ConvertMate is a game changer to help us set up our product listings. Highly recommend working with them.”

Rob, CEO of Lozuri

After using ConvertMate

Using ConvertMate, the marketing team at Lozuri has been able to automate product and collection copy for optimal SEO. 

They have been able to automate: 

  • Keyword research Description crafting using the same format 
  • Meta descriptions and meta titles crafting using the same format 
  • Image Alt Text crafting
This is an example of automatic product description improvement.

For over 1,000 products added per month this is a huge time gain for the team. 

Additionally, they have been able to grow organic traffic. Thus increasing their profit margins.


Partnering with ConvertMate, Rob and the marketing team at Lozuri have been able to automate the SEO optimization of their product and collection pages. 

With new launches every week, this has significantly cut down time spent on manual and tedious tasks while improving organic traffic.

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