How MoveActive manages their SEO with ConvertMate

How MoveActive manages their SEO with ConvertMate

Brand: MoveActive

Industry: Fashion
Company size: 11-50

In 2009, Melissa Pain founded MoveActive after recognizing a market need for stylish, high-quality grip socks. 

Fast forward today and the company is the leading brand for pilates and yoga accessories in Australia and New Zealand, with expansion globally. 

MoveActive focuses on crafting fashionable, comfortable, and functional grip socks and accessories, continually innovating to stay ahead of trends. Their collections are designed and curated in Melbourne by an expert team in fashion and fitness. The brand is also committed to sustainability, striving to make all product packaging eco-friendly to minimize their carbon footprint and lead in sustainable business practices. 

In an effort to grow their D2C business in 2024, MoveActive was looking for a tool that would help them bring organic traffic to their store. 

With over 400 products in stock, optimizing their store for organic traffic was a challenge. This is when Sahar, Head of eCommerce at MoveActive reached out to ConvertMate.

Important metrics for MoveActive


 brand for pilates, yoga and barre


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collections managed by ConvertMate

The main objective of MoveActive is to improve their SEO.

Before using ConvertMate

MoveActive is a fashion brand with weekly launches year round. New trendy products are constantly added to the catalogue. 

Before using ConvertMate, the marketing team had to create product listings manually: 

  • This took up critical time that the team could have allocated to other value added tasks. 
  • This also meant that product pages differed in time. The meta titles, meta descriptions and product descriptions were not formatted in the same way across the catalogue. 
Additionally, the marketing team had tried using Semrush and Ahrefs but had not found success doing so. Using these tools correctly demanded time and resources that the marketing team did not have. This impacted negatively organic traffic as the products were not set up for search discoverability.

To compensate, MoveActive had to over-invest in ads to acquire new D2C customers. A tool tailor made for Shopify SEO was needed.

We can manage SEO without having a dedicated internal resource

Sahar, eCommerce Manager at MoveActive

After using ConvertMate

This is when Sahar found ConvertMate. With ConvertMate, MoveActive has improved how they craft their product listings and optimize their store for SEO. 

When it comes to SEO, the marketing team doesn’t need to juggle between different tools such as SEMrush and Ahrefs, Google Search Console or ChatGPT. Everything is done automatically by ConvertMate: 

  • Keyword research with live data 
  • Product and collection copy 
  • On-page SEO optimizations
  • Performance & organic traffic monitoring 

This ensures that the store is set up best for SEO at all times.

Additionally, the eCommerce team does not need to spend time crafting product pages when importing new products. ConvertMate takes care of it. The team is sure that all products follow the same format at all times. 

Recently they had to input a Warning Paragraph in their descriptions. This was important to show the consumer which precautions to take when buying MoveActive products.

With the help of ConvertMate, this was done automatically. There was no need to manually go through the 200+ products.

MoveActive also unified the structure of their meta titles across all their catalogue. This is important branding wise.

Sahar and her team at MoveActive saved hours of work and are sure that their store is optimized for organic search.


Partnering with ConvertMate, Sahar and the marketing team at MoveActive have been able to automate the SEO optimization of their product and collection pages. 

With new launches every week, this has significantly cut down time spent on manual and tedious tasks while improving organic traffic.

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