How The Oblist improved SEO with ConvertMate

How The Oblist improved SEO with ConvertMate

Brand: The Oblist

Industry: Luxury Home Décor
Company size: 1-10

The Oblist, founded by Leia Sfez in collaboration with her marketing-expert husband, is a curated space for exceptional art and design objects. Located in Paris, it is dedicated to showcasing unique, sustainable pieces that reflect individual tastes and promote a conscious lifestyle. The Oblist’s collection, ranging from contemporary to vintage items, is carefully selected through extensive research worldwide. By supporting emerging artists and focusing on made-to-order items, The Oblist not only champions creativity but also emphasizes sustainability and waste reduction in production.

Facing the challenge of managing nearly 2,000 product pages, The Oblist looked for a solution to streamline product page management and enhance their SEO efforts, to make their unique collection more accessible online.

Important metrics for The Oblist


product pages 


growth in product catalogue


average daily page views

The main objective of The Oblist is to improve their organic traffic.

Before using ConvertMate

Before using ConvertMate Shopify app, The Oblist faced challenges in optimising their 2,000+ product pages for organic traffic. In order to improve their SEO, they needed to revisit their entire catalogue, find relevant keywords for each listing, and see the performance of each of those keywords. 

Only then, would they have had to integrate these keywords into their product descriptions, meta titles and meta descriptions. For a small team with an expansive catalogue, this task was close to impossible. Not taking into account the additional cost of relying on an external SEO tool, which was costly and inefficient for them. 

The Oblist turned to ConvertMate to automate this workload in a single tool. 

Truly amazing app for product page SEO. Wonderful customer service.
Gary, co-founder of The Oblist

After using ConvertMate

The integration of ConvertMate brought about a significant transformation. ConvertMate’s all-in-one solution offers real-time keyword suggestions for each product,. It seamlessly incorporates these keywords into the product page copy, optimizing it for search engines.

ConvertMate ensures compliance with Google’s best practices and aligns with The Oblist’s specific requirements, offering a personalized SEO strategy.

The Oblist can now focus on finding and curating exceptional Home Design pieced. They know ConvertMate is here to seamlessly optimise their product pages as soon as a product is imported on the store. Other than the time gain for the small team, this has also been financially compelling, as they do not need to rely on costly SEO tools or hire a new team member. 

Working with ConvertMate has enabled The Oblist to grow their organic traffic has rby 23%, minimising their dependance on paid traffic. 


ConvertMate has been instrumental in overcoming The Oblist’s SEO challenges. It has streamlined the process of updating product pages, saving time, and enhancing the website's visibility.

As a result, The Oblist can now more effectively share their collection of unique and sustainable art and design objects with a broader audience. ConvertMate’s solution has not only improved The Oblist’s online presence but also supported their commitment to sustainability and supporting emerging talent in the design industry.

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