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How Schuhbidu manages its product SEO with ConvertMate

How Schuhbidu manages its product SEO with ConvertMate

Brand: Schuhbidu

Industry: Kids wear
Company size: 1-10

Find the perfect fit for little feet. 

Schuhbidu is dedicated to giving children's feet the love and attention they deserve. They specialize in children's footwear that promotes healthy development while keeping up with the latest trends. 

The appeal of Schuhbidu extends all across Germany. Each shoe brand they carry focuses on unique aspects of foot health, ensuring that every child finds their perfect fit, even those with special requirements. 

Historically a brick and mortar business, Schuhbidu was looking to expand its online presence. To do so they needed to improve their Shopify SEO

Selling more than 3,000 products from more than 50 brands. Setting up their products’ SEO was a task that they could not do by themselves. This is when they turned to ConvertMate.

Important metrics for Schuhbidu




products managed


collections managed

The main objective of Schuhbidu is to set up and SEO-optimize their product listings.

Before using ConvertMate

Schuhbidu is historically a brick and mortar business. 75% of Schuhbidu’s sales are done in their physical stores. They import 50 to 100 new products every week from a large variety of suppliers. 

For simplicity, the team at Schuhbidu have only maintained meta fields for these products (material, shoe type, gender, size, etc.) On their online store, the meta fields were shown as a description of the product. 

The challenge this caused is: 

  • Descriptions were not SEO optimized using relevant keywords for each products 
  • It impacted the conversion rate on the products 
Additionally, the team had never done any SEO, technical or on-page , for their eCommerce store. 

In 2024, the ambition of the brand is to accelerate its eCommerce sales. In order to achieve this, they needed to optimize their product listings for search engine discoverability. Their team was too limited to do this manually.


We only manage meta fields for all our products. ConvertMate was able to generate SEO optimized product listings from these meta fields for all our products. We would not have been able to do it without.

Ilja, co-owner of Schuhbidu

After using ConvertMate

With ConvertMate, Schuhbidu has managed to improve their product listing automatically from their existing meta fields. What they did not have time to do before, ConvertMate does it automatically. 

For all 3,000 products: 

  • ConvertMate conducts a keyword research 
  • ConvertMate creates a product description from the information in the product meta field and using the most relevant keywords 
  • ConvertMate creates a meta title and meta description from the information in the product meta field and using the most relevant keywords 
Schuhbidu were able to define the exact structure they wanted their descriptions to follow. This means that their products are unified across the entire store.

With ConvertMate, Schuhbidu have automated the creation of product listings. A task that they could not manage before.


Partnering with ConvertMate, Schuhbidu has been able to automate the SEO optimization of their product and collection pages. 

With an extensive online product catalogue of 3,000 products, this has significantly cut down time spent on manual and tedious tasks while improving organic traffic.

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