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How The London Christmas Company increased their add to cart rate by 40% using ConvertMate

How The London Christmas Company increased their add to cart rate by 40% using ConvertMate

Brand: The London Christmas Company

Industry: Home décor
Company size: 1-10

The London Christmas Company, established in London in 2020, has made a name for itself in the world of exquisite Christmas ornaments and keepsakes. Their mission is to provide joy through beautifully crafted gifts, perfect for personal indulgence or as special presents. 

This company is rooted in London's rich festive tradition, offering handcrafted ornaments that blend imaginative designs with the finest materials. Their creations are more than just decorations; they are objets d'art, representing centuries-old Christmas ornament traditions carried out with exceptional craftsmanship.

With sustainability at the heart of their process, each piece is designed to last and be passed down through generations. The London Christmas Company has become an integral part of Christmas celebrations worldwide, known for creating keepsakes that capture and preserve family traditions and the enchantment of the festive season. 

Facing the challenge of managing their growing online presence and product range, The London Christmas Company turned to ConvertMate. The goal was to enhance their operational efficiency, specifically in managing and optimizing their product pages, a critical aspect that directly influences customer engagement and sales.

Important metrics for The London Christmas Company


increase in daily sales


product pages managed by ConvertMate


increase in Add to Cart rate

The main objective of The London Christmas Company is to increase the conversion rate of their product pages.

Before using ConvertMate

The London Christmas Company, with its vast array of enchanting Christmas ornaments, relies heavily on its diverse product range to stand out in the competitive e-commerce landscape. To maintain this edge, they are constantly creating new unique ornaments to add to their collection. Each new piece must conform with the highest quality expectations of the brand. 

Each addition to their online store demands the creation of a high-quality, engaging product page. These pages are more than just digital displays; they are the virtual sales representatives of the brand, crucial for providing customers with the right information and conveying the company's ethos to enhance conversions. 

Moreover, every product page requires meticulous attention to SEO. This involves optimizing metadata, URL handles, Alt text on images and keywords for each product to boost search engine rankings. 

This intensive manual process, however, had been a significant drain on resources. It impeded the rate at which The London Christmas Company could expand its product offerings, diverting valuable time away from vital business functions such as product R&D and customer engagement.


Using ConvertMate, I have noticed a substantial improvement in the conversion rate on my website. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has an e-commerce store and needs help with SEO, Keywords, and Product descriptions.

John, Founder at The London Christmas Company

After using ConvertMate

Introducing ConvertMate, the cutting-edge AI-driven tool that transformed the way The London Christmas Company managed their product pages. With ConvertMate, the tedious task of manual updates became a thing of the past, allowing the company to expand their product line while ensuring each page met the highest quality standards.

The London Christmas Company experienced several key benefits from ConvertMate: 

  • Automatic Product Page Updates on Import: ConvertMate seamlessly upgraded their product pages to engaging, unique presentations, including enhanced descriptions, meta data, URL handles, and titles, all without requiring any manual input from the team.
  • Insightful Tracking with ConvertMate Pixel: This feature provided real-time monitoring of conversion metrics on each product page, with automatic enhancements applied whenever there was a dip in performance. 
  • Enhanced SEO: ConvertMate ensures that product titles, descriptions, and URL handles are optimized to attract more organic traffic, a crucial factor for online visibility. 
  • Consistent Brand Voice: It maintained a uniform tone and style across all product listings, reflecting the unique voice of The London Christmas Company.

As a small business with limited time resources, every moment is precious for The London Christmas Company. ConvertMate has been an invaluable partner, efficiently optimizing product pages and thereby maximizing conversion rates.


To The London Christmas Company, ConvertMate is far more than just a software tool; it's an indispensable ally in boosting conversions. By refining and improving their eCommerce product pages, ConvertMate has enabled The London Christmas Company to concentrate on essential business activities, leading to a remarkable increase in sales. 

The impact of incorporating the ConvertMate Shopify app has been substantial, with the company experiencing a significant surge in daily sales. This success story underlines ConvertMate's core mission: to liberate small businesses from the burdensome chore of manual product page creation, empowering them to enhance their sales effortlessly. 

For The London Christmas Company, ConvertMate has been a game-changer, fostering both growth and efficiency.

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