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Webinars Discover ConvertMate's July Updates

Discover ConvertMate's July Updates

Discover ConvertMate's July Updates

Get ready for a game-changing webinar as we unveil ConvertMate's latest updates for July 2024. From new collection pages improvements to powerful SEO enhancements, we've got a lot to share. Don't miss out—register now to stay ahead of the curve.

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LIVE webinar on Tue 02 Jul | 11 AM EDT (America/New_York).
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What's in it for you

Join us for an exclusive webinar where we'll introduce the exciting updates coming to ConvertMate in July 2024! We've been working hard to enhance your experience and bring you new features that will take your SEO game to the next level. Here's a sneak peek of what's coming:

New Plan Names
  • Starter: Perfect for those just getting started.
  • Growth: Ideal for businesses looking to expand.
  • Scale: For enterprises aiming to maximize their reach.
Programmatic SEO
  • Create content at scale on hyper-relevant keywords and intent.
  • Enjoy improved internal linking and relevant product selections.
Collection Pages SEO Scans and Updates
  • Now similar to our product SEO scans and updates.
Internal Linking Feature for Scale Plan Users
  • Link back to your main collections effortlessly.
Metafields for Product Descriptions
  • Build product descriptions exclusively from metafields, even if initially empty.
Product Structured Data
  • Added to your product pages (Scale plan).
Additional Technical SEO Checks
  • Included in your monthly SEO audit.
  • Checks for image size, meta description length, title length, structured data, and more.
Interface Redesign
  • A fresh new look for a better user experience.
Minor Bug Fixes Google Search Console Data Analysis and Display
  • Access and analyze your data directly within ConvertMate.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn about all the new features and enhancements. Register for our webinar today and take your SEO strategy to new heights with ConvertMate!

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