How Bonnie Lassio tripled their conversion rate using ConvertMate

How Bonnie Lassio tripled their conversion rate using ConvertMate

Brand: Bonnie Lassio

Industry: fashion & home decor
Company size: 1-10

Tina and Paul run several Bed-and-Breakfasts in the heart of Cornwall, United Kingdom. Both of them being ecommerce veterans, they wanted to diversify their activity by launching a new and shiny ecommerce store: Bonnie Lassio

Bonnie Lassio is a store dedicated to providing quality home and fashion accessories at an affordable price. As a new store adding many product listings to their website, Bonnie Lassio needed to craft quality product pages fast. That is where ConvertMate came in.

Important metrics for Bonnie Lassio

conversion rate increase
product pages managed by ConvertMate
increase in monthly revenue

The main objective of Bonnie Lassio is to craft high converting product pages to improve sales.

Before using ConvertMate

Bonnie Lassio started from the ground up. As their listing grew they needed to produce more and more quality product pages. This task was close to impossible. Bonnie Lassio is headed by a team of two. They did not have the time to write hundreds of impactful product descriptions and titles, or to optimise all their pages for SEO.

The team was torn between drastically reducing their product listing to have time to focus on creating product pages and growing their listing at the expense of the quality of their product pages. In both cases, this impacted their growth and their dream of starting a successful online business.

ConvertMate has freed me from the tedious task of writing hundreds of product descriptions. It gives proper text (based on your brand type selection in the settings) that helps the visitors to my website make a quick buying decision. My conversion rate has tripled since using it.

Paul, co-founder at Bonnie Lassio

After using ConvertMate

Enter ConvertMate. The AI product page manager drastically transformed Bonnie Lassio's approach to their online store. They can both enlarge their product listing to make sure their clients find what they want while having high quality product pages.

These are some of the benefits the Bonnie Lassio brand got from using ConvertMate:

  • Bulk optimization: All products are updated in seconds to thrive for optimal conversion.
  • ConvertMate Pixel: ConvertMate tracks conversion data on each product page. When conversions go down, product pages are automatically improved.
  • Better SEO: Each product gets top-quality titles, descriptions, and handles (with redirection) to attract more organic traffic.
  • Brand voice consistency: Bonnie Lassio brand voice stays the same, on all their products.
  • Automated product title optimisation: ConvertMate improves lengthy product titles to easily attract the customer’s eye and convert.

Bonnie Lassio is headed by a team of two. Their time is limited and needs to be invested wisely. ConvertMate acts as a partner to optimise product pages for optimal conversions.


For Bonnie Lassio, ConvertMate proved to be more than just a tool—it became a game-changer. By automating and optimizing various facets of their eCommerce product page, ConvertMate allowed Bonnie Lassio to focus on their core business objectives, like sourcing new products and fine-tuning their marketing strategies.

This story is a testament to how ConvertMate supports small innovative brands in their eCommerce journey, ensuring they not only stay ahead of the curve but also make the most of their precious time and resources.

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